History of
Big State Warehouse

   Roy Ball had a vision early in his life, to become a business owner and to be successful while still maintaining his Christian values and morals. He worked hard at making his vision come true. Roy was an owner/operator of M&L Equipment in 1958, until selling out of all of the equipment in 1964. Roy then began working as a traveling salesman for LubriKup Co., and began building relationships with customers in the oilfield supply business in the surrounding areas.

   Roy Ball and Bill Bonner started a partnership business called Bonner Specialty Warehouse in 1973, where they sold used oil field equipment. In 1975, Roy bought the business and became the sole proprietor. He renamed the business Big State Warehouse, keeping the same initials that we still know today, BSW. The business was located downtown at 413 East Scott Street in Wichita Falls, Texas. Roy then moved BSW to its present location in 1977, where he started out with just one small warehouse. Big State Warehouse services customers from Southern Oklahoma to the Texas Panhandle and as far as Abilene, Texas.

   In 1979, Roy incorporated the business. Then after just 5 years, his business had grown enough to add an additional warehouse in 1982. BSW continues to treat customers honestly and fairly and continues to be successful. Big State Warehouse was the second distributor of Apollo Valves in the oilfield supply business, thirteenth distributor of WIKA Instruments, and also distributes Matco Products and Gould Fuses. In 1988, an addition was made to the warehouse and the two buildings were combined to better serve the customers by carrying more products and having them readily available.

   In 1993, Ed Ball assumed the position of President and CEO for Big State Warehouse. Together they have worked on achieving their goals and have made their family business successful. In 1995, BSW opened a second location in Odessa, Texas. It is currently in the present location and is still going very strong in the West Texas area.

   Today, Big State Warehouse ships and delivers products in all oilfield areas in the continental United States. BSW recently added on another 10,000 square foot warehouse and is stocking even more products that customers need. Big State Warehouse has been growing since 1975 and continues to maintain customer satisfaction as the number one goal of the company. The Christian morals and values that Roy Ball visualized for Big State Warehouse upon founding the company continues to be a present-day legacy.



Big State Warehouse Inc
1153 US Highway 281
Wichita Falls, TX 76310

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