Apex Tool Group

Website: www.apextoolgroup.com


Products: Lufkin gauge tapes, Clevis Grab Hooks, Campbell Chain, Wire Rope Clips, Cold Shuts, Chain Connecting Links, Hacksaws, Fiberglass Tapes, Pliers, Crescent Wrenches, Tool Sets, Socket Sets, Tape Measures, Screwdrivers, Hammers, Hatchet Handles, Hacksaw Blades, Nicholson Files


Website: www.apollovalves.com


Products: Apollo Ball Valves (Brass, Carbon Steel, 316 Stainless Steel) 3-Way Ball Valves, Padlocking Ball Valves, Spring Loaded Handle Ball Valves, Carbon Steel Needle Valves, Water Gauges, Gauge Glass, Sight Glass, Mini Brass Ball Valves, In-line Brass Ball Cone Check Valves, Handles for Ball Valves, Parts for Ball Valves

Aztec Tubular

Website: www.azz.com/aztec-tubing


Products: Pup Joints, Perforated Subs, Tubing Subs, API J55 and API N80, delivering rugged solutions engineered for leading performance in the most hostile applications.

Brodie International

Website: www.brodieintl.com


Products: Water Vane Meters, Flow Meters, Registers, Repair Kits for Water Meters, Repair Parts (Vane Plates, Plate Screws, Cap Screws, Caps, O-Rings, Shafts, Rotor Assemblies, Washers, Retainer Rings)

C&C Industries

Website: www.candcvalve.com


Products: Ball valves (Brass, Carbon Steel, 316 Stainless Steel, Ductile Iron) Swing Check Valves (Ductile Iron, Brass) Butterfly Valves, Swage Nipples, Bull Plugs, Needle Valves (Carbon and Stainless Steel), Hammer Unions, Sleeve Couplings

C.S. Osborne

Website: www.csosborne.com


Products: Packing Hooks

Campbell Fittings

Website: www.campbellfittings.com


Products: Hose Clamps, KC Nipples, Hose Menders, T-Bolt Clamps

Capitol Manufacturing

Website: www.capitolcamco.com


Products: Bull Plugs, Pipe Nipples, Forged Steel Fittings (Elbows, Tees, Crosses, Street Elbows, Couplings, Bushings, Plugs, Hex Unions), Swage Nipples, Sledge Hammers, Merchants and API Couplings

Central Plastics

Website: www.centralplastics.com


Products: Fittings (Elbows, Tees, Couplings, Plugs) SDR-11 and SDR-7, Butt Fusion and Socket Fusion, Plastics, Transitions (Threaded, Grooved or Victaulic, Beveled) SDR-11 or SDR-7

Daubert Cromwell

Website: www.daubertcromwell.com


Products: Rolls of Pump Wrap or Ordinance Wrap

Hammond Valve

Website: www.hammondvalve.com


Products: Brass Ball Valves, Brass Swing Check Valves, Brass Gate Valves, Rising Stem Gate Valves, Handles for Ball Valves and Gate Valves

J.P. Ward

Website: www.wardmfg.com


Products: Fittings (Elbows, Tees, Crosses, Street Elbows, Bushings, Reducers or Reducing Couplings, Plugs, Hex Unions)

Kolor Kut

Website: www.kolorkut.co.uk kolorkut

Products: Water finding paste, Gasoline paste

Master Lock

Website: www.masterlock.com


Products: Padlocks (Keyed Alike and Keyed Different), Long Shank Locks, Combination Locks


Website: www.matco-norca.com


Products: Swing Check Valves, Brass Ball Valves, Brass Gate Valves, Quick Opening Brass Gate Valves, Cast Iron Strainers, Pipe Nipples, Brass Fittings

Mersen USA

Website: http://ep-us.mersen.com


Products: 250 Volt Fuses, 600 Volt Fuses, Renewable Links, Renewable Fuses, Fuse Pullers, Fuse Reducers

Micro Mist


Products: Micro Mist Lubricant, Micro Grip, Micro Solvent

National Equipment Corporation

Website: www.hosecoupling.com


Products: Cam and Groove Fittings and Couplings, Buna Gaskets for Cam and Groove, Quick Couplings, Round Hole and Slim Tapered Strainers, Foot Valves, Ears and Pins for Cam and Groove, Hose Couplings

Red Rock Industries

Website: www.redrockindustries.com


Products: Plumb Bobs, Line Checks, Stainless Steel Swages, Stainless Steel Bull Plugs, Stainless Steel Hammer Unions, XXH Nipples, KC Nipples, Poly KC Nipples

Samson Rope

Website: www.samsonrope.com


Products: Braided Rope (Cotton Sash Cord and Solid Braided Nylon) Tiger Sash Cord, Spot Sash

Triangle Metals

Website: https://trianglemetal.com/


Products: Stainless Steel Fittings, Hammer Unions, Oil Country Products, Valves, Ect….

Turbines, Inc.

Website: www.turbinesincorporated.com


Products: Vane Meters, Monitors, Repair Kits, Electronic Pickups, Accessories for Meters, Cables, Cable Assemblies

Wika Instruments

Website: www.wika.com


Products: Pressure gauges, air gauges, thermometers, thermowells, transmitters, transducers

Big State Warehouse Inc
1153 US Highway 281
Wichita Falls, TX 76310

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